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Dartmouth College

May 1, 2 & 3, 2015

Advisor: Dr. Irma Mayorga

Chris Gallerani's Honors Thesis project sought to create an original solo performance work that explored queer identity at Dartmouth. From Chris' Honors Thesis proposal:

"My primary goal in this project is to gain experience combining the roles of actor, writer and dramaturg into one creative theater piece. My hope is to hone my skills as a theater artist to create a performance that speaks to a community about a specific issue [LGBTIQ identity]...I also wish to challenge myself to create a theater piece from the very beginning and flesh it out entirely.


With this project, I also wish to explore the genre of solo performance within theater, and its close connections with performance art. This is a medium that has allowed LGBTQ people to communicate their stories and experiences to audiences for years, and yet is still incredibly new and innovative. With the help of my advisors, I will read solo texts and learn more about what is possible with this type of performance, and how it can best tell the story I create throughout this coming year."

Students who have completed at least five major courses and who have an average in the major of 3.4 or higher (and a College average of 3.0 or higher) are eligible to apply for the honors program. An honors project normally extends through two terms and receives two major credits.

In the first term of his Honors Thesis project, I guided Chris through many of Maria Irene Fórnes' playwriting exercises and creative activities to generate original work. Chris and I then shaped and dramaturged these raw writings into an episodic narrative structure that engaged intense modes of theatricality and innovative audience participation elements. As well, Chris is an outstanding vocalist, and we worked to craft  musical elements into his solo work to feature this talent, including drag performance.

The completed piece was fully produced by the Department of Theater in the spring of 2015. I administered close advisement and collaboration for the play's development in rehearsals as well as during the play's technical rehearsals. #werq also benefitted from the sharp, insightful direction and scenic design by returning alumni Nick O'Leary '14.





Press for Chris Gallerani's Honors Thesis

Chris Gallerani '15 in #werq: a queer journery. Photo by Irma Mayorga.

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"Son of a Gun for Queers" from #werq: a queer journey.

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#werq: a queer journey written and performed by Chris Gallerani

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